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Who or What is the HIGHER SELF and HOW to CONNECT

Recently, I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel sharing a message from the Galactic Federation about the importance of the human to reconnect with the Higher Self. Watch that video here! This sparked my interest. For the longest time, I thought the Higher Self was one being, energy, life force. It wasn’t until recently, through a conversation with a friend, that I realized the Higher Self is indeed a collective, a collection of all the beings, energetics we’ve been across the multiverse.

The Higher Self is the container of all that we’ve ever been.

I am an extremely open minded person. I believe that many realities and universes exists that are different from our current experience. This understanding has allowed me to see beyond what is deemed normal. And because I have allowed myself to think outside the box, I have been able to break free from limiting beliefs that exist within society and the spiritual community. Because, we have to admit, some beliefs within the spiritual are just as limiting.

Anyways, the Higher Self, and this is my perspective only, is the oversoul of our individual experience. A few months ago, I travelled with Archangel Michael to the realm where the Higher Self resides. I dive into this experience in my latest video. Linked below

This interdimensional ride with Archangel Michael led to a golden, etheric temple. It is here where I encountered a light being that referred to itself as another me. Eventually, during this experience, I realized that the temple wasn’t anything physical but my brain’s way of making sense of what I was witnessing. The temple was the container, the realm of the soul, my own universe. And the light being was projection of this oversoul, of this consciousness, to sort of communicate with me in a way that would help me feel safe and comfortable. In a way that was familiar. At one point, I remember merging with this light being and connecting with God through a pillar of light that was created as I became ONE with my Higher Self. It was AMAZING! Definitely an experience like no other.

The Higher Self is the Keeper of Records. Everything that you wish to know is here. Information lies, in this infinite space, without distortion. Instead of seeking guidance in others, work on yourself, clear your channel of energetic debris, and get the truth from yourSELF.

So How Do We Access The Higher Self?

  • Control the Analytical Brain
Chill. Take time to meditate. Sit in stillness with your emotions. With your own energy. Show up to the meditation with an open mind and zero expectations. Allow the energy to flow. Write down whatever messages you receive, visions, etc,. but don't overanalyze it. Trust it. You're not crazy.
  • Awaken the Heart
Face the trauma. Confront your fears. What is it that is keeping you from opening up, from activating the sacred heart? Dive deep within yourself to remove all lower density emotions that create distortion so that the connection with your Higher Self can become conscious. The connection to our Higher Self is always there, but we cannot access it fully because of the trauma that is stored within this physical human form. So heal that trauma. Do the inner work.
  • Brain-Heart Coherence
Coherence between the brain and heart creates a quantum portal within our being that gives us access to all potentials, aspects, universes. It is when the mind and heart work in balance that the human is able to harness the full potential of this, the physical form and the etheric forms. We become ONE with the ALL. Masters. Creators. And that's what the Higher Self is. A Master Creator. The Architect of our individual experience.
Watch Full Video: A Message from the Galactic Federation

Check out the videos I shared if you felt a resonance with this information. And remember, this is simply one perspective, my perspective. Take whatever resonates. What doesn’t feel right to you, discard it. Make up your own mind. You already know it all.

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