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White Buffalo Woman – A Message of Peace

This article is in honor of the indigenous people of this land and our ancestors. I channeled White Buffalo Woman last year but felt guided to re-share, this time in the form of a blog. I hope that you feel uplifted by her message.

Buffalo White Woman Speaks

“It is in chaotic times, such as the present reality, that fear takes over the human. The brain is a powerful tool but the mind, when overtaken by the egoic presence of the faithless human, creates the most intricate, destructive illusions.

Faith is knowing that whatever happens, the path remains clear for you to flourish.

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The current events in your planet are expediting what we refer to as ‘the return of power to the self’. What has been extended, what has been unconsciously given, shall return. But before the process finalizes, the Earth must go through a period of darkness. And this darkness doesn’t have to be ‘death,’ no, this darkness is the rebirth of humanity. The birth of the conscious human. The light must be turned off so that the human can learn to see with eyes closed. But the light shall return. And this time, the light will not be an external source, but shining from within you.

Those who refuse to detach from the current Earth experience will suffer most. The illusion that is being created holds the most powerful frequencies that oppose the foundation of our Creator’s intentions. No thing that is being shown to you holds the vibration of LOVE. All that you see is being presented to you with the intention to manipulate the the human. Your humanity is currently being driven into a corner, but you have a way out. And the way out is SELF EMPOWERMENT. THE ACTION OF RECLAIMING THE SOVEREIGN POWER THAT ALL BEINGS ACROSS THE MANY UNIVERSES AND DIMENSIONAL PLANES HOLD. REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE A REFLECTION OF SOURCE. WANKAN TANKA LIVES IN YOU.”

White Buffalo Calf Woman Image Credit: Kaylee Joy

The Best is Yet to Come

I can see White Buffalo Woman descending from the heavens, knowing that what is currently unfolding is destined to be. And at the same time, I see White Buffalo Woman along with the Sky Grandmothers, crying. This is because the collective consciousness radiates much pain, fear, and anger.

If you’re an empath, you know what this feels like and you’re not alone in this sentiment. We are all experiencing the shift with you.

Although it’s hard to see the world entering a period of darknesst, be grateful. This age of disillusionment grants us the opportunity to embody courage. And with this new found courage, we can finally liberate our minds. Because the enslavement we experience is mental. So although it my seem like times keep getting more intense, do know that the best is yet to come.

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