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WHAT IS SHADOW WORK? | The Spiritual Perspective

Shadow work is a journey into the depths of the soul in which all humans can learn about themselves and others, not only on the current earthly experience but past lives, as well as parallel incarnations. It is through this process that the human faces the trauma and consciously chooses to make peace with those experiences. The human, through this newfound peace, can clear karmic contracts and move forward in life, and after death, move on to the next level in the evolution of their soul.

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After death, we are taken to a dimensional plane in which we are shown everything experienced on Earth. We get to see everything from the perspective of the people involved. Here, we feel what others felt and end up choosing to return to the Earth to clear the karma that was created or that which wasn’t dissolved. Highly recommend Dolores Cannon’s book Between Death and Life and all her other work. You can find many of her lectures on YouTube!

Shadow Work is the key to ascension. 

We don’t have to keep returning to Earth. We can clear all karmic contracts this lifetime and move on to higher dimensional planes or other planetary bodies. Now, this process of facing our fears, trauma, societal conditioning, and generational or ancestral karma is NOT easy. Honestly, this is the most emotional, spiritual, and, at times, even physical pain a soul will ever endure. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

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Lifetime after lifetime, souls continue to remain stuck in the karmic wheel of the Earth’s three-dimensional plane because of the refusal to face themselves. The repressed, dark aspects of the soul are honestly terrifying, so it’s understandable that many run in the sight of THE SHADOW. In the eyes of society, a lot of what we repress is sinful or simply crazy. And so we just don’t feel safe sharing these parts of us with others. We keep it in until eventually the shell cracks and, well, it all comes out in the form of depression, suicidal thoughts, self-hatred, frustration, and anger.

But remember this…

Although the shadow aspects of our soul can be more on the lower end of the vibrational scale, much of what we repress is our own greatness. The darkness we are having to face is the conditioning we grew up under. What we are facing is the lack of belief in our talents and abilities to be free, divine, sovereign beings.

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If you look around, many humans walk the Earth fully disconnected from their emotions. Most, instead of facing a situation head-on that requires heart-centered communication, overwhelmed by the analytical mind, a mind that is often powered by ego, choose to detach and leave the “problem” unresolved. Many lack the emotional integrity to speak their minds and hearts. And I believe this is because of the way society has conditioned the human.

For example, many of us grow up hearing the following…

  • Vulnerability is weakness
  • Men don’t cry
  • Women are too sensitive
  • Grow some balls!
  • Don’t be a pussy!

So, yeah! We cannot be expected to do something that no one ever taught us how to do and most get shamed for. I feel especially bad for the social conditioning of men. A woman is expected to be sensitive and emotional, but a man is expected to ALWAYS be emotionally strong and in control. This is sad. I see a lot of men putting up a mask, hiding behind a self-created wall because they are afraid of showing how they truly feel. So to all men reading this, you are a divine being, a soul that requires emotional expression. Don’t be afraid of crying. You are not weak for having an awakened heart.

This is only an introduction to a series of posts I want to create around the subject of Shadow Work. I want to dive into my own experience, share tips on how to move past the emotional and physical discomfort that arises, because, honestly, the spiritual awakening journey is definitely not easy. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, there’s plenty of demons in the closet.

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