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What is a Soul Blueprint? Do this to Access Your Soul’s Purpose!

Have you wondered what your purpose in life is? We are human, but is there more to this physical experience?

I believe that we are a divine creation, a sacred manifestation of Source energy but we do live individual lives. After detaching from Source/God, we separated and became our own creator, an individual manifestation of God-Source energy. We have traveled across the multiverse, existing simultaneously in an infinite amount of dimensions, realities, and star systems as well as planets. So what I’ll be doing today is going over the belief that we all have a soul blueprint, what that means, and how we can begin to access the information within that energetic template.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Soul Blueprint?

According to our good friend the Google, “a blueprint is something that acts as a plan, model, or template.” Therefore, a soul blueprint is the plan or energetic template which gives us all the information regarding our unique energetic frequency. This information allows us to see all that we are at a spiritual level. And if we are conscious and committed to our spiritual awakening journey, with hard inner work, we can fully embody and express our divine soul blueprint in this human form. We do not have to ascend the body in order to be the spiritual being that we are. In fact, the task is to anchor all our magic in the body so that we can continue to exist and create an energetic shift within a 3-dimensional experience.

A soul blueprint is a spiritual concept that suggests each individual has a unique and predetermined plan for their life journey. It is believed to be a blueprint for the soul’s purpose and path in life.

What we can learn from our Soul Blueprint…

+ Our soul blueprint tells us who we were before we were born. Now, I do have to say that there is no past, present, or future. It’s all happening NOW. Our current state of consciousness, however, cannot fully comprehend infinity. So we did put in place a construct (TIME) that would allow us to organize energy in a way that would make sense. But, my belief is that we are simultaneously existing as angels, elementals, extraterrestrials, and formless energy. And all of this information exists within our soul blueprint.

+ Our soul blueprint also gives us information about our talents, challenges, and lessons we need to learn in this lifetime. I believe that it is by knowing who we have been that we learn about what we must do in order to harmonize our energy in this human incarnation.

Soul Blueprint Digital Portraits

Access Your Soul Blueprint

Accessing your soul blueprint can be a deeply personal and spiritual journey. Here are a few tips to get started:

+ Set aside dedicated time and space to focus on this introspective work.

+ Use meditation or other mindfulness practices to quiet your mind and connect with the YOUniverse (the universe that is YOU)

+ Consider working with a spiritual teacher, mentor, or counselor to guide you through the process of understanding your divine soul blueprint.

+ Pay attention to your dreams, intuition, and synchronicities as they may provide insights into your soul blueprint.

+ Journaling can also be a helpful tool for exploring your inner self and uncovering your purpose.

    Spiritual Techniques to Strengthen Your Intuition


    Breathwork is a spiritual practice that has helped me a lot with achieving a state of mind that allows information/energy to flow without too much resistance and distortion. I like doing short breathwork practices rather than meditation because it gives me something to do. So if you struggle with meditating in stillness, I recommend the following breathwork video and youtube channels!

    Video: Wim Hof Breathing Technique (Beginners)
    YouTube Channels: Kitaro Waga, Take a Deep Breath, Breathe with Sandy

    This won’t give you immediate access to information regarding your soul blueprint, but with consistency, it will remove distorted energy from your field which will make it easier to tune into your infinite self. Breathwork is great for strengthening your intuition so that eventually, you won’t need an outside perspective to access any sort of information.

    Man meditating

    Meditation is a powerful tool for strengthening one’s intuition for it helps stop the mind from overthinking. As I said, meditation is not something I enjoy doing most days, but when I do meditate, man! It’s next-level intuition and energy! Here are my favorite meditation YouTube channels…

    Omnity Meditacion (Spanish)

    Pura Rasa – Guided Meditations (English)

    sound frequencies

    Binaural Beats and Music are my preferred choice for altering my consciousness! Listening to music or binaural beats during walks in the forest, before sleep (theta waves are great for relaxing the mind), and during work (especially when it requires focus or creative expression) is extremely beneficial. Here are my favorite YouTube channels with great binaural beats and music!

    Sapien Medicine

    The Power of You

    Ivan Donalson (Spanish)

    In Conclusion

    The concept of a soul blueprint (a plan or map that guides us on our life journey and helps us fulfill our highest potential) does suggest that each of us has a unique purpose and destiny. While some may view this as simply a spiritual or metaphysical concept, others see it as a way to understand and connect with their true selves. So whether you believe in the idea of a soul blueprint or not, it can be very helpful to reflect on your own passions, values, and goals to gain a deeper understanding of your purpose in life. Besides, you’ve got nothing to lose diving deep into the subconscious to uncover truths about yourself, so give the practices I shared above a try and let me know how it goes!

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