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The Power of Menstruation | Awaken the Inner Goddess with Your Moon Cycle

I was never a person to track my menstrual cycle, and honestly, I was too busy complaining about the discomfort that comes with the bleeding. But the more I began to connect with my soul, the more I was drawn to place more attention on the cycles of my own body, leading to a deeper and more nurturing connection with my womb. In this article, I share my perspective on the power of menstruation and explain the difference between the white and red moon cycles.

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I am 26 years old and never have been sexually active. Yes, I know a lot of people may find this embarrassing, but I honestly don’t give a fuck! My body is sacred, therefore sex is something that I will practice only when I feel ready and deeply connected with a person that is on the same energetic vibration as me. We must protect our temple, ladies! Our magic and power lie in our yoni and womb, so be careful with whom you have sexual intercourse with.

Anyways, I feel that due to the abstinence from sex and no use of birth control, my body was able to maintain a very regular cycle. A lot of women struggle with this because of the hormonal imbalance created with the use of different pills and other types of contraception, bad eating habits, as well as the emotional and physical stress generated by the routine of our day-to-day lives. It all has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing. And so, by connecting to our bodies, we can intuitively feel what needs to be changed to regain power over our menstruation, fully utilizing this powerful time to nurture ourselves and create with intention.

The White Moon Cycle

I started tracking my bleeding cycle in late 2018. This was during a very difficult time in my life, a time in which I was intensely working on healing ancestral karma, childhood, and emotional wounds. It was then that I realized that I was bleeding with the new moon, which is often referred to as the White Moon Cycle. Women, during this time, often withdraw from the outside world to really focus on themselves, lovingly nurturing their feminine essence. And this is exactly what I did. I gathered the strength and courage to take back the power that I had given away and focused all that energy on healing myself and my heart.

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Through the entire process of healing, I was regularly bleeding with the new moon, and what I noticed is that the more in tune and connected I was with my body, the more intuitive and psychic I felt. Not only during my bleeding but in general. It was extremely amazing to see how the connection with our body flips a switch within ourselves, lighting up our inner technology. It’s fucking MAGICAL!

The White Moon Cycle is often connected to the Mother archetype. Women following this cycle bleed with the new moon and ovulate with the full moon. These women are so grounded to the earth and deeply connected to the cycles of nature. It’s beautiful! During this time, they may choose to shift their focus to do self-healing or to bring children into this world. It’s a powerful energy of manifestation through internal work.

When the moon is dark we go inward. When the moon is bright, we extend our energy outward. Quote.

The Red Moon Cycle

In mid-2019, I began to see a change with my bleeding. I was more so beginning to bleed during the waning moon, eventually moving closer to the full moon. And this all happened once I began to feel intuitively guided to share my spiritual gifts, to express my truth and share the lessons I had learned through experience. So, it was amazing to see how my body was responding to the energy I was feeling. I was no longer doing intense healing, I was actually preparing to come out of the catacombs of the underworld to fully extend my magic outwardly.

Moon Goddess

In ancient times, the Red Moon Cycle was related to Priestesses, Healers, and Shamans. During this time, women feel a surge of sexual energy, cultivating that same energy and utilizing it for self-actualization, teaching, healing, and physical manifestation. These women are not focused on birthing children, but rather on bringing healing into the world, fully expressing their magic in a way that empowers other people to embody their light. She is the Seductress and Enchantress. She is the Wild Woman.

In the past, the patriarchy saw these women as witches and was often terrified of their power. But this all came from close-minded individuals that had no idea of the divinity that lies within each of us. Anyways, now that I am bleeding with the full moon, I feel so empowered and connected to my sexuality. I’ve always had self-confidence and body issues, but because of all the healing I’ve done, I am not feeling any dark energy or negative emotions regarding my body. I am fully embracing all that I am, utilizing the cultivation of this fiery sexual energy to manifest and express my truth in a way that inspires and empowers other people. I am fully stepping into my role as High Priestess and Healer. I am stronger than I’ve ever been mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

For women bleeding with the full moon, once you feel ready to explore motherhood, your body will receive the signal and shift more towards the White Moon Cycle. This is a more fertile time for women since it is connected to the fertility of the planet itself. And you can still conceive under this cycle, so don’t even worry about not being fertile enough. When it’s your time to have a baby, you will have a baby.

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So, there you go! This is my experience with menstruation and the different moon cycles. Like I said before, I used to hate this time of the month, but now I embrace it. I give extra love to myself. I meditate even more to really understand the messages I am intuitively receiving from the higher realms. I step into the underworld to heal if needed and fully embody the light that I am, courageously extending the power of my womb to the world.

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