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The Multiverse Council | The Quantum Perspective

Recently, I received the guidance to start calling myself a “Multiverse Ambassador.” To me, this felt very much connected to the quantum field and the infinite potentials, timelines, realities that exist, but soon after that guidance, a group consciousness showed up, calling themselves THE MULTIVERSE COUNCIL.

I have a very difficult time describing these beings because they have no form. They have no body. No name. It’s all just energy. They don’t communicate with words. When I connect to them, I only feel energy and that energy generates emotion. I don’t want to call it telepathy because it’s different. It feels different.

The Multiverse Council is a collective consciousness of “beings” that simultaneously exist across all universes. It’s like the constantly move in and out of realities but still manage to remain conscious in every single one of them.

“Even flow requires structure.”

This is something I get when connecting to this consciousness. They are not here to make anything happen, rather to ensure that the flow of energy runs without entanglement. I’m not sure what this all means, but this is really helping me see things from an even more broader perspective. We get so caught up in this experience, in the trauma of one human lifetime, when in a different energetic frequency, another dimensional plane, another universe that is home to things and beings unimaginable exists. And in those other dimensional planes and universes, we too exist. And we can tune in, connect to all those aspects in order to understand more of who we truly are. This council feels so close to God, to Source, Prime Creator. Unproblematic. Minding their own business. Witnessing free will and accepting it. But always vigilant. It’s powerful. There’s no judgement, only acceptance.

I’ll be sharing more as I am able to peel off more of the layers. Keep EXPANDING THE MIND. AWAKEN THE HEART.

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