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The Magdalene Order | The Rise of Divine Feminine Leadership

The Magdalene Order is a group consciousness made up of souls that originated from the same oversoul. These are beings that live individual lives but are connected energetically by a golden thread. Mary Magdalene refers to this group consciousness as being similar to “beads on a string.”

What is the Oversoul?

An oversoul can be seen as spiritual essence, vital force in the universe where individual souls meet to form a collective consciousness.

For example:

The oversoul can be seen as a hand and the soul a finger within the hand. From one perspective, more than one soul is associated with a particular oversoul. And this is the concept I am using when diving into The Magdalene Order.

I created the following images channeling Mary Magdalene’s explanation of an oversoul.

the magdalene order - fragments and oversoul
the magdalene order - oversoul convergence

Who is Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is a divine feminine ascended master. She walked the Earth thousands of years ago in divine union with her masculine counterpart Yeshua. During her stay on Earth, Magdalene served as a teacher for women who, at the time, had no voice in society. She, along with Yeshua, taught and initiated both male and female disciples into the spiritual ministry of Christ Consciousness.

Mary Magdalene was a powerful embodiment of divine feminine energy, initiate of the ancient Isis temples in Egypt, a healer, and revolutionary. During her years of training in the mystery schools, Magdalene mastered sex magick and other ceremonial practices.

I believe that the best way to describe Mary Magdalene is as the feminine embodiment of Christ. Everything Yeshua did, Mary Magdalene did.

What is The Magdalene Order?

According to The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra, “The Magdalene Order is an ancient Shekinah lineage of magi and oracular High Priestesses.” The Magdalenes are “women that have incarnated as revolutionary angels on Earth and in other star systems for millennia.”

Like I mentioned earlier, The Magdalenes is a group consciousness that shares the same oversoul. Mary Magdalene isn’t the only Magdalena but a physical embodiment of this consciousness. Of course, her embodiment was and continues to be the most powerful manifestation due to the extensive training, not only on this physical plane but across all dimensions.

mary magdalene crystals

What is The Purpose of the Magdalenas?

Priestesses within the Magdalene Order have chosen to incarnate, once again, on Earth to expedite the reconciliation of humanity with the feminine aspect. These souls have already ascended the Earth plane and are returning as self-actualized beings to inspire change.

  • We are here to help people merge in divine union with the feminine and masculine aspects that exist within the human. 
  • We are here to guide women, the oppressed, to liberation and authentic self-expression.
  • We are here as beads on a string, manifesting on the Earth, as an answered prayer to humanity’s call of sorrow.
  • We have returned to the Earth plane with ancient wisdom cultivated through interdimensional travels across the cosmic web.
  • We are master healers and fierce leaders heading the global movement of Divine Feminine Christ embodiment.
meeting the goddess ISIS
In this video, I dive into a meeting with Goddess Isis in an Ancient Egyptian Temple that took place during meditation. I share my encounter with the Goddess, the initiation process of a High Priestess, and the crystal that is given to the High Priestess once initiation is completed.

The Gathering of Magdalenas

Now, I’d like to share a vision I had a few years ago that activated the remembrance of my connection to The Magdalene Order.

I was sitting in the middle of the dessert and was approached by Mary Magdalene. She was dressed in a red robe, with her hair covered, only her face was visible. She didn’t say anything, all she did was reach out her hand as if asking me to join her. I got up, and we walked towards a circle of women, all dressed in red, similar robes, surrounding a large fire. I didn’t speak with the women. I didn’t speak with Mary Magdalene. My consciousness was simply taken to a place in which the Magdalenes gathered to remind me of an aspect of my soul. I say an aspect because our soul is composed of fragments that simultaneously exist in other star systems, dimensional planes, and universes. This aspect is simply a drop of water in a sea of unlimited possibilities.

At the time of the vision, I was navigating the beginning stages of recognition and separation with my twin flame. I believe that most Magdalenes on Earth are here with their masculine counterpart to serve as role models of physical divine union, but, of course, this is a journey that includes a period of separation.

More About The Magdalene Order

Are you one of the Magdalenas?

I believe that, if you resonate with the information I am sharing in this article, most likely, you too are a member of this order.

Is the Order of Magdalena made up of only women?

I believe that in order for women to gain perspective of the power that lies within the feminine principle, one must see the physical expression of this divine blueprint. I believe that the point is for women to find comfort and achieve the full expression of divinity within the physical female embodiment. So, yes. It is my understanding that only women are part of this order. But, if you are a man and you resonate with this energy, continue expanding, and share what you know. We need your perspective.

This is all I have for you today! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments. And if you’re a member of the order, please share your experience! I’d love to hear your story!

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