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The Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation | The Starseed Origins

I’ve shared my connection to The Ashtar Command in the past, but never fully opened up about it because of the energy that surrounds this collective. I’ve been gathering emotional and spiritual strength, connecting to my higher self, unlocking parts of my galactic origins, and The Ashtar Command is something that I can no longer run away from. I distanced myself from this energy because I did not want to be judged, but it all changes today.

I share my galactic origins in hopes that it awakens something within you that allows you to put the pieces of your own puzzle together. You are not crazy. You are not making things up. Trust the feeling. Follow the resonance.

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My Starseed Journey

My last incarnation in a world or star system different from Earth was in the Pleiades. At this point, I had already mastered many metaphysical abilities in other star nations, realms/dimensional planes, and in the Earth itself. What I understand is that although I had already experienced life on Earth, I never really experienced such low-density energies. I lived with the Essenes during the time of Jesus, I was a Priestess in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery schools, I was in Atlantis, I was a Native American, and although I was human, the connection to a higher knowing was always present. My time on Earth was spent learning, expanding. This planet is a melting pot of galactic races and wisdom. You didn’t have to travel across the Universe to master a specific thing, you could just come to Earth. Right now, what we learn is more emotional, spiritual. We are here as a melting pot of wisdom ourselves, much like Mamma Gaia.

The Galactic Federation Meeting and the “Selection” Process

I’ve shared memories of a meeting that took place in the Pleiades, but feel it’s important to reiterate what took place from my own perspective.

I was a Pleiadian woman at the time of this meeting. I needed to learn about this collective because this is the future of Earth’s humanity. Pleiadian beings are our brothers and sisters. We are connected. Genetically and energetically.

I lived in a planetary system that orbits the star Maia. Here, I learned how to cultivate 5th density heart wisdom. This Pleiadian incarnation prepared me to be human. It gave me the tools necessary to work with the heart’s magnetic field while maintaining a physical form that is dense in comparison to other life forms. I do remember, after the fall of Atlantis, heading to the Pleiades for healing. It feels to me like that was my place of emotional and spiritual support. I would go places, but I would always return to this star system to receive clarity of heart.

Now, back to the meeting…

This was a gathering of star nations hosted by The Galactic Federation. I saw beings of all races, not just Pleiadian. I don’t remember everything that took place, it all revolves around my experience. So, definitely take this with a grain of salt, use discernment to put the pieces of your own puzzle together.

I was in a large room, very massive. I remember seeing a lot of physical beings but also light beings. Some lowered down their natural frequency to show up in a way that those of us in the room could connect with them in a more “physical form.” In the middle of the room, I remember seeing a huge table and beings sitting there. I got the feeling that these were the commanders or leaders of different divisions or branches within The Galactic Federation. They were the ones doing the talking. I was standing in the area surrounding this table with hundreds, if not thousands of others. They were discussing ways to intervene on Earth because the energy was shifting, timelines of “spiritual success” were collapsing. Humanity was heading down a path in which the results would be catastrophic. The entire universe was feeling the effects of the choices and actions humanity was currently making.

Earth is the place where we all meet, energetically, and genetically. We could not just let it fall, something needed to be done.

The leaders took time to speak, but all I remember is seeing Commander Ashtar, now standing up, walking around the table, and communicating with “the people.” He was expressing his concerns. I remember people volunteering to be in his command, excited about joining forces and being part of the shift, but me, nope! I was not comfortable with coming to Earth. I think this is because, this time, we were all going to forget our origins, our power, our magic. Before, we were able to maintain a good level of conscious connection to spirit and our higher self, but this time everything would be different. The Earth wasn’t in a good space energetically. We knew we would have to come all the way down without an ounce of knowledge regarding our galactic ancestry. And this was terrifying!

People were stepping forward, so fierce, and I was just there, trying to hide because I did not want to be part of this. Commander Ashtar felt my energy, walked up to me, and said, “You know you have to do this. We need you.” We locked eyes, and although I was so afraid, I agreed, I said “Yes.” And I’m not the only one that struggled to say “Yes.” Many were not comfortable with their decision but trusted that everything would turn out exactly as planned.

I then remember being in a spaceship with someone called Sahajat. He was the “general,” a being in charge of the group I was traveling with. This didn’t happen immediately after the meeting, I feel it happened sometime later.

I remember talking to Sahajat, asking about a chamber that was inside the ship. He told me that this was going to serve in keeping my Pleiadian body safe and healthy during my stay on Earth. What this machine does is it transfers one consciousness to a different body. This really makes me think that the mothers of those that are part of this mission, the Starseeds, were inseminated or taken through a process of genetic enhancement. We chose our family, the lineage we were coming into. And this is because we are not just here to speak and act according to our beliefs, we are here to clear ancestral karma. It’s all about energy. In order to move forward, we must first make peace with our past. Our ancestors were not able to clear their own karma due to the energetics of the planet and so we were also given that task. We are descendants of the stars, but our energetics and genetics are intricately intertwined with those of planet Earth. This is giving me chills!!!! Wow! I never thought about it this way.

Before coming to Earth, we went through a process of “selection.” We had to analyze the many lineages of the Earth and choose one that was most aligned with our area of mastery. We all had soul family here too, so that was a big deal in making our decision as well. Once the decision was made, we were divided into groups. Some stayed in their place of origin and transferred consciousness from there. Others, like myself, jumped on ships and did the transfer from space. I don’t understand why some did it this way, but I’m sure there’s a good reason behind it.

The Ashtar Command

This is a collective of souls, not just Pleiadian, but of many galactic origins. This is only one of many “branches” that exist within the Galactic Federation. Each “branch” has a similar mission but hold different energetics, ideas, and this is because of the areas of mastery of beings within each “branch.”

The beings under the Command of Ashtar are very mission-driven, deeply connected to the heart, but also dive into the many layers of darkness. And I think this is why there is a lot of negative energy surrounding this fleet. We are beings that have mastered darkness, we are not afraid of it, we have merged that darkness with our own light. We gave it a different meaning. It’s great to live in the light, but we must also acknowledge the presence of darkness, especially when it comes to the polarity that exists on this planet.

We are truth seekers, truth-tellers, heart warriors.

I started writing this post with no real direction. What came through is information that answers a lot of questions I personally had. My hope is that this helps you unlock more of your galactic origins.

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