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Draconian Extraterrestrials and their Downfall

The Dracos lost a huge part of their collective, because many were blinded by the light and chose to remain in darkness. They’ve fought physical battles against their own kind but realized that it was all pointless because the souls of those in darkness continued to refuse the embodiment of light…

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hybrid children


Savannah is part of the fifth hybrid race known as the YahYel or Shalinaya meaning “those who will come first.” Remember the Phoenix Lights in 1997? That was their spaceship! Learn more…

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THE SIX HYBRID RACES | Hybrid Children

Hybrid Children are beings that beautifully merge the galactic and human genetics with the energetics. I believe all humans are hybrids, but the children are the result of more loving intentions.

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Sirius Extraterrestrials

SIRIUS: Introduction to the Extraterrestrial Race

Sirius A is the biggest star seen in the sky from Earth’s view. It is twenty times brighter than our sun and remains powerful shining light for humanity, assisting the Earth with higher wisdom, enabling our ability to access higher dimensional frequencies.

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