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Messages from a Mermaid | Stop Dumping Shit In the Ocean + Energetic Debris, Trauma and More!

Many of us go to the beaches, the ocean, or spend time in nature to release, to heal. And that’s great! But it’s time we take responsibility. The Earth is here to support. To nurture. To love. And just as she provides, we must also provide. Not trauma but healthy, high vibrational frequencies.

Beach Adventures. Crystals. Journaling.

I’ve been visiting a beach in Florida once a year for some time now, and on this occasion, for the very first time, the energy was different. There were no tears. There was no release of trauma. I showed up whole and ready to give instead of the usual dumping of energetic debris in the ocean. There was a beautiful equal exchange of energy. I took responsibility by doing the inner work in my own space, showing up in nature conscious, fully mindful of my own energy.

*This blog post is inspired by messages I channeled from a Mermaid named Alaïa during my recent stay at the beach. She showed up to speak about 5th-dimensional underwater portals (the topic of Friday’s blog), the health of our oceans, and how we can help clear all the energetic debris from the water.

Beach waves

Alaïa, a mermaid of the Atlantic ocean, came in immediately talking about the density within the waters of our oceans that stems from the human’s energetic dumping of trauma and lower vibrational emotions. Like I mentioned earlier, I used to do this. I would go to the beach or forests to release. To connect and ground, yes, but I mostly used that time to give all my pain to the Earth. And that’s okay. The Earth is here to support us. A mother always unconditionally loves her children, but a mother can only do and take so much. The child, at one point, must take responsibility.


The following is channeled information.

Alaïa: “You don’t have to do anything physically, just energetically.

How can we help energetically?

Alaïa: “Open your heart to the waters of your oceans. People love hugging trees, but no one, not many, think of hugging the water. The hug is energetic. An open heart allows the energy to flow, to move, to shift. Close your eyes and emit love frequencies to the beaches, the lakes, the rivers, water. See it vibrating. See it light up. See it become.”
Alaïa: “Most people go to hidden islands, Hawaii, ‘high vibrational’ places, but water is everywhere, and it is the water that feels ‘not so high vibrational’ that needs your attention, your light, your love.”

At this moment during our conversation, sitting at the shore, I could see in my mind’s eye light radiating from the water. There is so much energetic debris, but there is an equal, if not, more light. Codes. Information.

Alaïa: “When you visit a beach, get out of your head, declutter the mind, and feel. Open your heart. Be conscious.”
woman meditating on rock in beach

What I witness each year at the beach and during my walks in the forest is the unconscious behavior of the human. We are spiritual beings. Our essence is pure energy. But it seems like we’ve forgotten.

Alaïa, the mermaid consciousness, is showing up now because our action is required when it comes to clearing energetic debris in water. Yes, aquatic beings, water spirits, the Earth, all have been doing the energetic work to keep the essence of this powerful element clear, but the time has come for humanity to start doing the work as well. Both physically and spiritually/energetically. So enough with living life on autopilot. Start feeling. Dive deep within yourself and address the trauma so that you can go to nature without karmic attachments and unhealthy baggage. Show up in nature conscious, mindful, and ready to commune with the elements as equals.

The emphasis of this post is on the energetic clearing of water because that is the fastest way to shift. But there is so much work to be done. The debris is both physical and energetic.

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