In this blog, I dive into multiversal perspectives of spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics, health/wellness, healing, crystals, shadow work, extraterrestrials, the starseed mission, meditation, and so much more. My intention is to bring insights that help you access a higher understanding of reality.


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love trumps fear
Spiritual Awakening

LIGHT VS DARKNESS and the GOD frequency

Your unconditional love, respect, and compassion shows dark entities something they’ve never seen or experienced, and that something is GOD. Not the religious idea of God, but the true, divine creator.

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hybrid children races HEADER

THE SIX HYBRID RACES | Hybrid Children

Hybrid Children are beings that beautifully merge the galactic and human genetics with the energetics. I believe all humans are hybrids, but the children are the result of more loving intentions.

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Sirius Extraterrestrials

SIRIUS: Introduction to the Extraterrestrial Race

Sirius A is the biggest star seen in the sky from Earth’s view. It is twenty times brighter than our sun and remains powerful shining light for humanity, assisting the Earth with higher wisdom, enabling our ability to access higher dimensional frequencies.

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Miroslava Casiano

The Metaphysical Chick

Welcome to the Mind of a Starseed! In this blog, I share my perspective on spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics, health/wellness, healing, crystals, shadow work, extraterrestrials, meditation, and so much more.

Mission: Bring multidimensional insights to help you access higher states of consciousness.

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