dimensions and black holes
The Quantum Perspective

Introduction to the 9 Dimensions and Black Holes

A few months ago, as I began to look up information about dimensions, I started to feel the energy of black holes. Tuning into their energetic signature, I could sense similar energy to what I feel when I tap into the 9th dimension. And that’s what I’ll be discussing today…

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I Am God

I AM GOD | The ONENESS Perspective of God

Outside of this human skin, after life, past the trauma and ego and pain and evil, when we penetrate all of these layers, all that is left is Source. Pure Source Consciousness…Why wait until the moment we become “pure” to see ourselves as what we already are and have always been?

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Miroslava Casiano

The Metaphysical Chick

Welcome to the Mind of a Starseed! In this blog, I share my perspective on spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics, health/wellness, healing, crystals, shadow work, extraterrestrials, meditation, and so much more.

Mission: Bring multidimensional insights to help you access higher states of consciousness.

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