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Spirituality of the Number 13 and the Rise of the Divine Feminine | Mary Magdalene Speaks

A few weeks ago, during a channeling session with Mary Magdalene, I received messages regarding the spirituality of number 13 and the significance it holds when it comes to the divine feminine energy. At the time, I did a little research to see other people’s perspectives, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I learned the new moon this month (March 2021) was going to be taking place on the 13th. And as you can imagine, my mind was blown! This is when everything fell into place. I realized it was all intertwined and coming together for a reason. So today, let’s dive into the magic of this number!

Unlucky or Sacred

It’s believed that at least 10 percent of the people living in the United States are afraid of the number 13. I find this to be fascinating! And honestly, I used to be one of them.

Why the fear?

The number 13 is believed to be unlucky by the church, for it represents the 13th guest at The Last Supper, Judas, the man who betrayed Jesus. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this! It is my belief that the number 13 was in a way hijacked or portrayed in bad lighting to take away the sacredness that connected it to the Divine Feminine energy. And we can see this just by how they twisted it into something that is the complete opposite of divinity.

The Spiritual Symbolism of the Number 13

  • The number 13 represents the average number of a woman’s cycle in a year which is connected to the 13 lunar cycles. And as you probably already know, the moon is deeply connected to women, to the divine feminine energy.
  • It is said that the number 13 represents the return of the embodied Christed Divine Feminine, the teachings, and keycodes of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, the Shekinah, and Sophia.
  • The Mayans, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Egyptians, and many Native American tribes tapped into the vibration of the number 13 to honor the Divine Feminine.
  • Secret societies in Ancient Egypt and mystery schools understood the authentic, energetic expression of 13 and saw it as a representation of death and rebirth through ascension. They believed it to represent sacred knowledge of the Shekinah consciousness, including sacred sexuality.
Rise of the Divine Feminine
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Keepers, guardians of the Divine Feminine sacred template, are rising from the ashes of the distorted feminine to awaken humanity. This is taking place in order to shift the timeline of the Earth to a 5th-dimensional experience.

They tried to suppress the sacred lineages of feminine code carriers, fearing the collapse of their creation. A creation that was intended to control.

  • They feared because they did not believe.
  • They feared because they lacked understanding.
  • They feared because the feminine force, in its sacred form, is undefeatable.
  • They feared because they had big egos. They lacked emotion. Connection. Compassion. Love.

The CHURCH created FOLLOWERS, we initiated LEADERS.

The ministry of Christ Consciousness that Yeshua and I initiated wasn’t meant to be run by a specific gender nor to classify a specific gender as better or closer to God. The ministry was meant to re-awaken the Christed light within humanity’s soul.

It’s never been about humanity following Yeshua or myself. It’s always been about us inspiring the re-awakening of your soul’s authentic truth.


Do not follow me.

Do not follow Yeshua.



The expression of YOU without the many layers of conditioning and trauma is what the world is craving to see.

Mary Magdalene

order of magdalena - the metaphysical chick
Watch Video: Are YOU A High Priestess Within The Order of Magdalena?

I believe that the patriarchy made the conscious choice to build superstitions around this number to remove the feminine energy from her throne. And it worked! For hundreds, thousands of years, women have been seen as less than men. But it’s all changing! Thank YOU for being the catalyst of this great energetic shift!

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