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Miroslava (The Metaphysical Chick) taps into the quantum field, sees and feels a soul’s energetic blueprint, and creates a digital portrait that showcases what she beliefs is meant to be acknowledged at this time. The intention of these digital soul blueprint portraits is to make what is invisiblevisible.

Humans have been conditioned to see in order to be comfortable enough to FEEL, so having a digital portrayal of a soul’s energy allows the human to consciously acknowledge all that he/she was born to BE and EXPRESS.

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“My hope is that these digital soul blueprint portraits give people a glimpse of the magick that they subconsciously know exists within them. My intention is for these to serve all as a reminder of what has been, is and will forever be. 

Your soul is not defined by past, present and future. Your physical body is the container of energy that is infinite. “


According to our “good” friend the Google, “a blueprint is something that acts as a plan, model, or template.” Therefore, a soul blueprint is the plan or energetic template which gives us all the information regarding our unique energetic frequency. This information allows us to see all that we are at a spiritual level. And if we are conscious and committed to our awakening journey, with hard inner work, we can fully embody and express our divine soul blueprint.

You are not just human, you are energy manifesting in this physical realm with specific genetic/energetic coding and a mission.

You’ll notice in the samples of soul blueprint portraits shown on this page that they all have one main theme. You may see bits of many energies but The Metaphysical Chick’s intention is to bring in the most prominent aspect of you (her perspective) that is meant to be fully expressed and embodied this human lifetime. She believes that we are infinite beings, a collection of many extraterrestrial and higher dimensional aspects, but not all is meant to be known, felt and expressed this lifetime. But don’t worry, you’ll definitely get to explore that in the 8th dimension.

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How much are the digital soul blueprint portraits?

The portraits are $111, but you can get it for just $65 the month of May.

What do I get with my portrait?

High Resolution Image (digital format)
*NO physical prints available at this time

PDF File with channeled information regarding your soul’s blueprint

Personalized Channeled Light language Transmission (mp3 file)

Here's what The Metaphysical Chick needs from you...

3 high quality pictures of you (no snapchat selfies)
If the pictures don’t allow me to see the details in your face, for example, I will reach out to get better quality images.

Feel free to share your main astrology signs (Sun, Moon, Rising, North Node)

*Optional: Share anything you feel I should know about you

How long will it take for my portrait to be completed?

The will receive an email with your soul blueprint portrait 7-14 business days after payment has been processed.

More important information...

All payments are done upfront and via PayPal only.

No cancellations once payment has been processed.

No refunds. So be sure this is the service you are truly wanting before reaching out.

Get Your Digital Portrait

Fill out the form below to request your own soul blueprint portrait. The Metaphysical Chick will reach out to you to process payment and verify information. Please, remember to include your 3 high quality pictures in step 2.