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We can live in fear of potentials, or we can free the mind, allowing the soul to just be.

The keyword here is “potentials.” These are timelines, realities that coexist now. In the quantum field, everything is real because everything already is. You pick the reality that manifests around you. You are the one in control.

Is there darkness? Yes.
Is there false light? Yes.
Is there corruption? Hell YES!


Is there light? Yes.
Is there love? Yes.
Is there a Source/God? Yes.


All that exists in the now is of Source origin, and all that derives from Source is given a choice upon becoming an individual soul consciousness. It is this choice that shapes the multiverse of experiences we each go through. This understanding has taught me a lot of compassion. Our human self is heavily distorted, heavily manipulated by beliefs of other individual soul consciousnesses that are having their own unique experience. And these experiences are, again, created by choice. So start making choices that are in alignment with your authentic self.

When you see things from a quantum perspective, you stop fearing the corruption, you stop fearing “the false light” because you understand that all exists, and it is our choice that feeds those realities.

Right now, so much fear is shaking up society and even the spiritual or “new age” community. Is there distortion? Fuck yes! But again, this distortion is taking place because of the lack of understanding of the quantum field (the God brain). People are consumed by ideals, beliefs, standards. We are falling victim to other people’s beliefs.

I am an extremely open-minded and curious soul. I love feeling the direct connection to Source but I also love to see and experience all that exists outside of this realm. And I know that some people believe “curiosity killed the cat,” or something like that lol. But it is curiosity that inspired Source to expand, to create all that exists now. Curiosity, when understood and consciously harnessed, is what helps us understand, see things that restriction and fear of potentials keep from us.

I have seen the vast realities that exist in the multiverse.

I want to share an experience I had while navigating the quantum field with the Archangel Michael consciousness. This happened the day following my Merkaba activation.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael showed up saying “I need to show you something.” At that moment, I felt my etheric self entering a portal. I could feel the rush of energy and my Merkaba spinning. It was amazing! Everything then suddenly stopped, and I could see space, blackness, and within this space were what seemed to be orbs of light surrounded by Merkabas or geometrical shapes.

Nothing was said but what I felt is that these were the many universes that exist. We believe in dimensional planes, but the idea of multiple universes is not talked about much. But, from what I feel and have seen, these other universes are very much real and different from our current experience. And just like there are many universes, there too are endless timelines constantly coming in and out of our awareness. All are equally real, and at the same time, none are real, for all that we see and experience is simply a projection of our perception. It’s mind-blowing when you think about it. And at the same time, empowering.

The Multiverse

After this happened, we then hopped on another portal and entered a different realm. It looked like a temple of light. There was golden light. I remember being able to walk and heading towards the center of this temple. I don’t even know how to describe it. It wasn’t a temple, but that’s how I perceived it. In here, Michael told me that he brought me here to meet my higher self. I then saw this other being of light approaching. We then experienced this sort of divine union which helped me realize that the temple wasn’t an actual building but an extension of me. It was all energy, consciousness, ONE.

This aspect inhabits the 11th dimension. This is the aspect of me right after detaching from Source. At one point, during this entire experience, we merged and became a pillar of light that connected straight to Source. I could see this higher consciousness as pure light, and we were one with it. It was the most powerful, divine experience. What I understand now is that Archangel Michael came with me because I needed guidance, and also because the Merkaba was something completely new to this human aspect. So he was there to make sure I felt safe. And a few things did happen, so his presence was definitely needed.

This is how I see Source/God

I believe that the 11th dimension is the Nexus point, the point of convergence, where all universes meet. This is the Godhead of our individual experience. We are still one with Source but detached from it in a way that allows us to have individual experiences across the multiverse. It’s a lot to take in, I know. But the more open-minded we are, the more we are able to perceive and understand.

I’ll close this with the following…

If you think this Earth, this life, this universe are all that exists, you are simply restricting your greatness and magnificence. There is so much more.

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