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Let’s dive into the Rising Gems Podcast universe! New podcast episodes are uploaded weekly to all platforms. If you have any ideas of topics we should discuss, or have any questions you’d like our perspective on, fill out the form at the bottom of our main page!

EPISODE 12 | Leo New Moon: Spiritual Practices for Self Love and Sex Magick

 In this episode, we dive into the juicy and fiery energy of this year's new moon in Leo! Get ready for powerful insights and spiritual tools, as well as practices you can use to manifest now.

EPISODE 11 | Are We Living in a Simulation?

We collectively stepped into the simulation and brought with us tons of insights and perspectives regarding the matrix, and the potential of extraterrestrial overlords controlling the simulation.

EPISODE 10 | Lion's Gate Portal Activation: Manifestation, Solar Plexus, Goddess Isis

Let's dive into the powerful energy of the 2023 Lion's Gate Portal, manifestation, the importance of an activated and harmonized solar plexus and a magical transmission from Goddess Isis.

EPISODE 9 | Aquarius Full Moon Energy and Channeling the Great White Brotherhood

Let's talk about the Aquarius Supermoon, Aquarian energy and character traits, and a beautiful channeled message from Divine Masculine ascended masters.

EPISODE 8 | All You Need to Know about the UAP Congressional Hearing

In this episode, we give you our perspective on everything that three whistleblowers shared at the UAP Congressional Hearing regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials.

EPISODE 7 | Manifesting Soul Family, Spiritual Partnerships, and Collaboration

Erica and I (Miroslava) share with you our experiences finding our soul family and give you tips on how you can start aligning with your soul tribe today!

EPISODE 6 | Cancer New Moon, Personality Traits & Gifts of Cancer, Mother Mary

Here's all you have to know about the Cancer New Moon, personality traits, energy and gifts of the astrological sign of cancer, and a channeled transmission tuning into the energy of Mother Mary.

EPISODE 5 | Adjusting to the New Earth, Ascension Symptoms & Shifting Eating Habits

The conversation we have in this episode was inspired by my struggles adjusting to the frequency of the New Earth. We share our perspective on ascension symptoms, the new earth, and the physical body.

EPISODE 4 | All About Capricorn & Full Moon Energy - A Point of Maturity

In this episode, we talk about the 2023 Capricorn full moon and give you our perspective of personality traits and gifts of the astrological sign of Capricorn. If you're a Capricorn, definitely give this one a listen! 

EPISODE 3 | Are Extraterrestrials Hostile?

What is the intention of extraterrestrials? In this episode we share our perspective on all things extraterrestrial and share personal alien encounter stories, dive into the possibility of portals to other dimensions and discernment.

EPISODE 2 | The Schumann Resonance and the Great Awakening

In this episode, we simplify information regarding the Schumann Resonance and the recent spike in energy to give you a better understanding of what is taking place. HUGE ENERGETIC SHIFT!

EPISODE 1 | New Moon in Gemini - Communication & Collaboration with Spirit

Here's everything you need to know about the 2023 Gemini New Moon moon, personality traits and spiritual gifts of the astrological sign of Gemini, extraterrestrials, channeling and more!