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Nurture Your Dream in the Quantum Field | This is How Manifestation Works

So many people give up before taking the very first step. Or worst of all, they give up soon after that very first step.

It is that very first step, that moment of inspired action, that plants the seed of our intention in the garden of this reality. But first, the seed is nurtured in the realm of spirit, in the quantum field of endless energy. This is where we tap into the frequency of all potentials and align with the timeline that most sparks our excitement. The seed then goes through a process of metamorphosis in which its energetic structure changes multiple times as the conscious mind battles the unconscious and subconscious. The ego, the human, and the higher self, all meet, eye to eye to, at last, agree on something. Either we infuse the seed with energy that sparks excitement, which more than likely leads to paths unknown, or we discard the seed and go back to the known, the box or cage of comfort.

Now, let’s say we choose to move forward. To infuse the seed with frequencies of our greatest potential. What’s next? UNCERTAINTY.

This reality, the 3-dimensional experience is wired to function a specific way. We are conditioned to detach from emotions, to surrender our intuition in order to adopt a more analytical way of being. This is a trap. Why? Because the seed was nurtured in the quantum realm, and the quantum realm is nothing that can be analytically understood. It’s something that must be felt. Something that must be trusted. The moment you doubt the dream, the goal, that is the moment the energetic signature of the seed is, once again, re-structured. And the more the wobble in our own frequency when it comes to the belief in the greatest potential of our experience, the more the seed’s energy wobbles, for it’s all a vibrational match of our intent, our belief.

Quote about Patience

Be Patient and Thrive

Most of humanity seeks immediate gratification. We want the reward of our labor instantly.

“I did the work. Now, give me the reward!”

But that’s not the way it works. Yes, it may seem that for some people, the reward arrives instantly but what you don’t know is that they’ve been nurturing the seed and following the excitement with inspired action. They’ve been flowing with the Universe, working with it and not against it. Most of us are constantly going against the natural flow of the Universe by making choices out of fear, doubt, anger, frustration, etc. And the key for manifestation is aligned, intentional action, and high vibrational feeling. Focusing on the reward takes the human out of the present moment, which then disrupts the flow of energy between the human and the web of vibration and frequencies that is the quantum field. Again, it’s all energy.


Why Patience?

Patience slows down the brain, allowing the human to dive deeper into trust.
Patience teaches the human mindfulness. It helps us be more present without the constant interference of fear, doubt, and frustration. Instantly bringing the soul back to alignment with the natural flow of the Universe. You’re not trying to make things happen. You’re trusting the process of manifestation by taking only inspired action.

Now, I keep using the words INSPIRED ACTION. Why? Because there are many layers to the action we take.

We can take action following a thought that is rooted in the fear of missing out on something, which is rooted in our ego’s perception of our experience.

Or we can take action following an idea, a thought that sparks joy and excitement, that makes us feel at one with spirit because it’s in alignment with the flow of the Universe. We feel this way because our soul recognizes the energetic vibration the idea generates, for it is a projection of our soul’s signature.

releasing fear
learn more about the quantum field here

So start taking action whenever you truly feel inspired. And if that action you take doesn’t generate instant gratification, keep going. Keep creating. The seed must be watered. With love. Intention. Patience.

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