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Negative Energy is LOUD, OPPRESSIVE, CONTROLLING | Harmonizing Polarity on Earth

It’s funny to see how humanity behaves in the midst of all the chaos that is currently unfolding. I say funny because once we expand the mind and awaken the heart to see from an undistorted perspective, life becomes humorous. It’s fun. Exciting.

Anyways, in this video, I share my perspective on negatively polarized beings and dive into the mission of the starseed which is to harmonize the polarity created by the negative and positive energies. I was listening to a podcast earlier today (Wild & Awake by Bridget Nielsen with her father Kirk) and was inspired to share my perspective on this subject.

I love how in the podcast, Bridget and Kirk said that negative energy, beings holding or emitting that frequency get really LOUD. And if we look around, those that are loud are the ones shaming others for making the choice to do what feels right. These are the people pushing narratives that are divisive. And yes, I am talking about the JAB, the plandemic, all fear-based projections, distorted beliefs. These are all narratives generated to not only create chaos, but to keep people, humanity from reclaiming their power, our SOVEREIGN DIVINE TRUTH.

These negatively polarized beings are the same people infringing in humanity’s free will because the truth is…


Not even God bypasses that free will.

God (however you see this force) chills in “his” throne, allowing humanity to choose for themselves. And this power of choice is what’s being taken away from each and every one of us. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, you should ALWAYS have the ability to choose what you do with your life. This isn’t selfish. This is the divine plan.

How do I learn if other people are making decisions for ME?



It’s not possible to grow, to expand our consciousness, if we constantly have others choosing for us. And that’s exactly why God never interferes. God loves you regardless of your choices. This force sits back and watches you learn according to the choices you make. So my friend, hold on to this, your birth, God-given right — FREE-WILL🌻

If you choose to speak up my friend, do so with compassion. We’re all learning. And we are here to help each other. To uplift not to tear down 🤗

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