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how to cleanse and charge crystals

How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals | Try These 5 Methods!

Just as crystals emit energy, they too absorb energy, and it’s not always the good kind of energy if you know what I’m saying. So from time to time, it is recommended that you cleanse and charge your crystals.

We are energy, but our energy isn’t always vibrating high. We often feel sad, angry, frustrated, and when that happens, we do a spiritual cleanse to either neutralize energy or return back to a higher vibrational state. And this is how crystals work. They are always full of energy, but they do absorb the lower vibrational frequencies that surround them. So in order to keep them cleansed and charged, I recommend you do the following…

1. Sun Bath

sun light with citrine, pyrite, sunstone and tiger's eye

Place your crystal under the light of the sun. I recommend you lay them on the earth (grass/dirt/rocks). Let them soak in the powerful rays of sunshine for at least a day. The sun is more than a celestial body, it is energy, consciousness.

Sun is masculine energy. You can choose to do sun baths with crystals that feel more masculine, energetically speaking. Ex. Pyrite, Citrine, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, etc.

Always hold the crystal(s) in your hand for a moment as you link with the energy of the sun. Ask the sun to cleanse and charge the crystal(s). Give him instructions.

2. Moon Bath

moon light to charge crystals. Moonstone, selenite, rose quartz

Place crystal under the light of the moon. I recommend you lay them on the earth (grass/dirt/rocks). Try doing this during full moons since energy is amplified then, but follow your intuition and do what feels best. You can leave crystals under the light of the moon one night, or leave them outside to soak in the sun’s rays the following day.

I know that many people believe that the moon is hollow, a spaceship and that it’s inhabited by malevolent extraterrestrial beings. And I believe this to be, in a way, accurate. However, I also believe in the connection our ancestors had with this celestial body. The moon was always seen as feminine energy, while the sun represented masculine energy. I won’t go into detail on this but definitely feel free to do what you feel works best for you.

Since the moon holds feminine energy, you can choose to do moon baths with crystals that feel more feminine. Ex. Moonstone, Selenite, Rose Quartz, etc.

Always hold the crystal(s) in your hand for a moment as you link with the energy of the moon. Ask the moon to cleanse and charge the crystals. Give her instructions.

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3. Salt Water Bath

himalayan salt to cleanse and charge crystals

Add water to a container and a bit of salt (sea salt, Himalayan pink salt). Then add crystals to the bowl of water. Speak to the water for it too is conscious. Let her know what your intention is for the crystals. Leave stones in the water for at least 10 mins. I’ve left crystals in salt water for several hours and works great!

If you prefer this method of cleansing, I do recommend you do research as to which crystals are water safe. Selenite (moon bath recommended), should not be put under water, don’t even get it wet. Other crystals that shouldn’t be cleansed with salt water are pyrite (sunbath recommended), hematite (moon bath recommended), fluorite (sun/moon bath recommended), malachite (sunbath recommended), and many more. Again, do your research.

This method only helps alchemize whatever lower vibrational energy the crystal absorbed, so it’ll leave the stone in its original form. You will have to code it with new intentions by putting it out in the sun or moon. Or simply hold it in your hands and give the crystal instructions.

4. Purification Incense

incense cleansing and charging crystals

You can use palo santo, sage, or even make your own purification herbal incense to cleanse your crystals. Let me know if you’d like a recipe for it! Burn whatever you choose to use and allow the smoke to hug your crystal. You can do this for a minute or two, doesn’t take long to cleanse.

This method only helps alchemize whatever lower vibrational energy it absorbed, so it’ll leave the crystal in its original form. You will have to code it with new intentions.

5. Earthing

crystals in dirt

This is a very organic form of cleansing and charging your crystal. I like to take clear quartz, for example, to the nearest forest and bury it in a hole for as long as I’m there. This allows the energy of the crystal to neutralize. It’s like going back to the womb of creation since they are a product of the Earth Mother. Sometimes I even ask the magical beings of the elemental kingdom to charge the crystals while they are there. Faeries, elves, tree and rock spirits, it’s all beautiful!

Have you tried any of these methods of cleansing and charging crystals? Do you use a different method or technique? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to give that a try!

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