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HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS | Here’s what it means!


“It means to start becoming more conscious at all levels and in all aspects of your life. No more living on automatic pilot, and no more giving your power away to others. This means opening up step-by-step to your divinity, to the wondrous spiritual being you are in the midst of living your chosen human experience, chosen before your incarnation for the lessons you desired to learn in this present life.” Quote from the book Telos

During a spiritual awakening you learn to see with closed eyes. The vision that you receive is far more clear than anything you’ve been able to see with your eyes opened. 

You Feel Deeply

Your heart is no longer asleep, beating only to keep your body alive. No, the heart is fully awake, beating in unison with the beautiful sounds of nature, matching the vibration of the GodSelf that has been longing to awaken.


You begin to understand that you are not here to save anyone. You accept the fact that you are simply here to be the example of the possibilities that exist when one chooses to live a conscious life.

“I am here as a guide for ascension and healing. I am here as a messenger of the Divine, of Mother Earth and Father Sky. My soul has existed, just like yours, for an amount of time that we cannot comprehend with our human mind. And yes, I don’t remember everything. I don’t know all the places where my soul has been, but that’s okay because it’s not important. What is important is this now moment, and in this now moment I know that what I know is enough.” – Miroslava Casiano

Spiritual Mentors & Gurus

Souls are walking the Earth to give you the information and tools that helped them reach higher states of consciousness, but it is up to you to heal. You must take all that people are able to bring forth, put it all in a big pot and stir it with the discernment of your own heart. All that resonates with your soul is meant to be utilized in a way that works for you. Don’t copy others, create your own reality, you are the medicine your soul needs.

You Are Limitless 

Every single one of you is a soul of extreme power. The limitations that exist are a creation of the mind, a mind that has been manipulated and indoctrinated by a broken society. The mind is a technology, yes, a powerful technology that can be utilized to fully access the potential of both the human body and the soul. This unlocks the true power a soul’s multidimensionality in a way that can be utilized physically. The brain is just as powerful as the heart. The balance of these two organs and energies creates the perfect human.

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