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Extraterrestrial Abductions: Why do they happen? Should we be scared?

The words “extraterrestrial abduction” often trigger fear and discomfort within people. And this is because of the movies we watch and, yeah, pretty scary abduction stories that go viral on mainstream media. Now, is there a reason behind these abductions? Are we being experimented on by extraterrestrial beings? Should we be scared? Or is this all part of a soul contract, and we are simply being part of something previously agreed on?

In this article, I’ll be sharing a personal abduction experience and am bringing in perspectives from a being that knows the extraterrestrial groups that engage in these abductions. I ask that you keep an open mind as you read and embrace what feels right. Let’s dive in!

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My Extraterrestrial Abduction Experience

I’ve had a few experiences that lead me to believe I’ve been an abductee. For example, one day, before going to sleep, I remember feeling a presence in my room. During this time, I was engaging a lot with my hybrid children and the hybrid collective, so it made sense that I would experience something like this. I went to sleep feeling like something was going to happen, and I believe it did.

The next day when I woke up, everything felt and seemed normal. I did, however, notice a red dot on my left arm and a scratch on one of my thighs. As I sat in my bed, I began to think and energetically tune into whatever happened. My belief is that these extraterrestrials needed more of my genetics to continue birthing more hybrid children. I didn’t see the extraterrestrials, but I have this mental image of a tall grey, similar to the picture attached in this section.

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In this part of the article, I will be sharing channeled messages from a being that is speaking for a collective of extraterrestrial beings that often take part in the abduction of humans. You’ll see a question followed by their answer.

Why do some people experience more physical encounters with extraterrestrials than others?

“Some beings need external validation in order to believe. Others are more ‘tuned in’ and require no external or physical validation to believe anything. They simply go with the feeling because they are more sensitive to energy and are able to see through many layers of distortion.

The people who need validation are more so left-brain individuals. They’re more analytical in nature. Scientific if you may. In order to believe in the existence of something, they have to see it with their own eyes.

These extraterrestrial encounters, abductions, or paranormal events are part of their soul contract. These encounters planted a seed that allows them to slowly wake up or, at times, abruptly wake up. This is definitely not the desired way of ‘coming online’ due to the trauma that it generates. So we try to ensure the individual is ready for the encounter, showing up as something that brings them comfort.”

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What about the stories of wild extraterrestrial abductions we hear of nowadays?

“Think of it this way. There are hundreds of encounters/abductions happening each day, with hundreds of thousands more happening each year. So what you hear of, the scary abduction stories, are but a very small percentage. As mentioned earlier, we do our best to ensure people are comfortable. We take the necessary precautions to ensure that people remember only what they are capable of handling depending on their level of consciousness. Know that our intention is never to harm anyone. We take or give only what has been consented before incarnating on this planet. There are contracts in place. We hope this makes sense.”

Should We Be Scared?

In short, no. However, fear is a human emotion and of course, it will be present when we lack understanding of whatever it is that we are experiencing.

And if fear is present, how can we dissolve it?


By expanding our awareness and believing that, indeed, we are not the only living beings in this universe, we instantly become more open to the existence of extraterrestrials. In the following video, I dive into what I shared here in more depth. I talk about how we are not meant to remember we’ve been abducted and why, when we do remember, fear overwhelms our emotional body.

Disclaimer: In this video and article, I talk about the extraterrestrials involved in the abduction of humans for research and experimental purposes, as well as the hybridization program. I’m sure there are groups of extraterrestrials that do not have the best intentions when it comes to their engagement with us. But this is a smaller group and not part of the collective the being I contacted is part of. Personally, I believe everything happens exactly the way it must. Good or bad, it’s all part of our soul’s evolutionary journey.

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