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the Schumann Resonance and great awakening

Erica and I decided to record an impromptu episode sharing our perspective of what the Schumann Resonance¬†is and what we feel is going on at an energetic level. I’m sure you’ve heard people across all social media platforms talking about the energy spikes and solar flares, and wow! It’s a lot! There are so many perspectives being expressed which can generate a lot of confusion. So in this episode, we tried to simplify information in hopes that it makes things more digestible and easier to integrate. Enjoy this conversation!

You can listen to this episode any time of the year. Some of the information we share is specific to this event, but you’ll also receive spiritual tips and guidance that can assist you any time during your spiritual awakening and ascension journey. Our intention is to always bring in perspectives that are timeless, inspiring and empowering.

What you can expect from this episode…

  • a simple explanation of what the Schumann Resonance is and how it is connected to the energetic shift that is currently happening on Earth — “the great awakening”

  • ascension symptoms and what to do to move through the discomfort

  • words of inspiration and empowerment for starseeds, lightworkers, healers, high vibe peeps ready to embark on a mission of service

  • personal sharings

The Schumann Resonance episode of the rising gems podcast

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