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Hello Rising Gems! In this episode, Erica explains what the Lion’s Gate Portal is and how you can use this energy to manifest the life of your dreams! I (Miroslava) bring you a message from Goddess Isis and a transmission about the inner sun or solar plexus, sharing how this center of energy is essential for manifestation and authentic self-expression.

You can listen to this episode any time of the year. Some of the information we share is specific to this event, but you’ll also receive spiritual tips and guidance that can assist you any time during your spiritual awakening and ascension journey. Our intention is to always bring in perspectives that are timeless, inspiring and empowering.

What you can expect from this episode…

  • We give you our perspective of the energy this portal holds and talk about the belief that many astrologers hold of this event not being astrologically accurate.
  • Tips for harnessing energy of creation
  • Tips on how Manifestation works
  • Channeled message from Isis – Goddess of Rebirth and Magic
  • Central sun activation
  • We dive into what the Solar Plexus chakra is, how to work with it, and its connection to manifestation.

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