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Gemini new moon: Communication & Collaboration

We are so excited to dip our toes into the “podcast waters” with a very special episode. Erica and I (Miroslava) are Gemini soul sisters and thought it’d be great to officially release our podcast during the Gemini New Moon. We understand the Gemini energy and our intention is to bring spiritual insights to help you make the best out of this moment in time.

You can listen to this episode any time of the year. Some of the information we share is specific to this event, but you’ll also receive spiritual tips and guidance that can assist you any time during your spiritual awakening and ascension journey. Our intention is to always bring in perspectives that are timeless, inspiring and empowering.

What you can expect from this episode…

  • All about the energy of this Gemini New Moon

  • Perspectives of how you can utilize the Gemini energy to enhance your communication skills

  • What is Channeling?

  • Different forms of Channeling

  • Chat about extraterrestrials, spirits, and all that is unseen

  • Spiritual insights and guidance

  • Perspectives of how you can embody the frequency of the astrological sign of Gemini

  • Love and good vibes!

GEMINI NEW MOON episode of the rising gems podcast

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