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Draconian Extraterrestrials and their Downfall

Hello, my friends! Today, I am sharing perspectives or channeled messages from a collective of beings called the White Draco League. Now, if you are not familiar with Draconian extraterrestrials, this collective holds the vibration of the dragon consciousness. They are humanoid beings, descendants of this ancient dragon lineage.

draconian being
This is a picture I took of a figure that appeared on the fence of my house. This happened after connecting with the Dragon consciousness and merging with my own White Dragon aspect.

Channeling a Draconian Extraterrestrial Group

I don’t know much about the Draconian collective, and honestly, pretty much everything out there is very negative. What I do know is that The White Draco League is coming in to give us a different perspective. You don’t have to accept this as the truth. This is simply my perspective of their energy and messages.

I was told by the being on the image (linked above) that he represented The White Draco Council or League. He came in speaking about the importance of acknowledging darkness as much as we acknowledge light. This is because they’ve closely experienced the polarity of these two energies.

According to this being, Draconian extraterrestrials lost a huge part of their collective. Many were blinded by the light and chose to remain in darkness. They’ve fought physical battles against their own kind but realized that it was all pointless. The souls of those in darkness continued to refuse the embodiment of light. The physical battles became very much energetically draining and eventually surrendered, respecting their “people’s” ability to choose. “You cannot force change, for it only happens when the ones in need of changing are ready.”

draco quote

“The dark Draco’s realized that they could overpower other beings. So instead of continuing to see everyone as equal, they chose to enslave other consciousnesses.”

The Dracos have lost a lot.

I get emotional typing this because I feel their pain. However, I do believe that everything that is happening on Earth is helping. This is giving them a second chance to unite their own collective.

The White Draco League – Guardians of God

I believe this is why some chose to use this connection to Source to control instead of uplift others. This Draco League came together after the fall of their collective. There was a time when the entire collective ruled as one or acted as one. But now, there is a huge division and a heavily distorted expression of this ancient energy. It’s very sad.

the white draco council quote

At the root of each soul exists purity, innocence, love, light. Some have done too much and no longer feel worthy of this light. For them, it’s easier to they keep moving forward in whatever path they’ve chosen. But it’s all changing, many are “reconnecting.” Once again, “there is hope.”

I kept wanting to google Draconian extraterrestrials to learn more about them, but was guided not to do so. This subject requires zero judgment, and looking things up would have created an idea in my mind. Now, I did look up some images. And I gotta say that the energy I felt looking at those pictures was so different. The energy this Council brings is powerful, loving, inspiring.

the white draco council

Again, this is only my perspective. If it resonates, take it, if it feels off, don’t. Just remember to stay open minded and remain neutral with your perception of everything. Have a beautiful day!

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