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I am feeling guided to share a lot more of Yeshua’s teachings. I know his name alone may be triggering for some people because of the connection to Christianity, but my intention is to share what Yeshua intended his teachings to be. Organized religion “flipped the script,” took things out, added things in, all in an effort to gain control over people’s minds and hearts. My intention is to help souls break free from the restrictions of the human condition.

The following are messages I received connecting to the beautiful energy of Yeshua. I will be channeling more information, this is part 1 of the series.

Master Yeshua Speaks

“If you put me in such high esteem, then please do the same with yourself for we are equal.

Beloved, I am no better than you. Our souls came from the same God. We are all pieces of a bigger puzzle, the source of all creation.

I ascended because I chose to live in a different way than the human is accustomed to. I made a choice before coming to earth to be the lighthouse for those who are lost in darkness, but I’m no better than you, holier than you, wiser than you. Everything I do you can do, and remember, you can do it much better. You just have to liberate the heart. Unshackle it from the conditioning that keeps the mind in control. Let both the mind and heart be free. Lead with love.”


“Forgive for who are we to blame others? Who are we to point the finger? None of us are clear of sinful thought and action. We’ve all fallen victim to our desires. We’ve all made mistakes. But it is through the mistakes of our humanity that the soul evolves, that the soul anchors, little by little, deeper into the physicality of our human experience. So forgive yourself and others. Embrace compassion. Have empathy for your brothers and sisters as they are simply a reflection of the grand light that shines from within you.”


“If you struggle to love others it is because you still haven’t mastered the act of self-love, for all that is outside of you is a reflection of your inner reality. Be gentle with yourself. Learn to love all that you are first, when ready, step into the world and with grace radiate, extend that newfound love.”

Yeshua channeled by Miroslava Casiano || The Metaphysical Chick

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