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Projection: “A mental image viewed as reality. The unconscious transfer of one’s own desires or emotions to another person.”

What I’ve been able to see these past few months, increasingly these past few weeks, is the incredible amount of projections we are constantly being bombarded with in our every day life. What I find fascinating is that the human experience, although feels very much real, is simply a collection of projections of individual soul consciousnesses. Some of these consciousnesses work in groups, and so this creates more of a collective projection, but still remains as that, a projection, a belief. And the understanding of these projections, of these beliefs, comes down to our individual perception and our perception heavily relies on our conscious awareness. It’s all very convoluted. So stay with me lol

The reality of this human experience feels very much real. We see everything. We feel emotions. We touch things. It’s all very physical. Right? So how is this a projection and not real?

I am so in love with analyzing things from a quantum perspective. And what I’ve been able to understand is that, in the quantum field, all that exists is energy and energy is directed by intention, thought. All it takes is for a consciousness to focus on a specific “direction” for energy to flow and create a projection that aligns with that perception, which then ends up manifesting in our reality as a physical, tangible experience.

I want to share something about touch and the way the brain works. This, to me, is simply the tip of the iceberg of quantum mechanics.

Everything that we see and touch is composed of particles, and this includes our bodies. In physics, these particles are attracted to or repulsed by other particles based on their charge. For example, electrons and protons attract, but electrons and electrons repel. I say all this to speak about the fact that, according to science (people love science), the sensation of touch is but an illusion created by the brain’s way of perceiving interactions between electrons and the electromagnetic field. So when we lay down in our comfy bed, we’re not actually touching the bed because the electrons in our body are repelling the electrons in the bed.

The sensation of touch is but an illusion created by the brain’s way of perceiving interactions between electrons and the electromagnetic field.

Now, how does this relate to the projection game of Earth? Well, if the brain can trick us to believe that we are indeed touching something, what makes us think we are not being tricked at a deeper level. Everything is energy. The bed, the couch, the chair, the car, everything! Our brain is a powerful technology, and this technology has been conditioned, from a very young age, to see the world through a very narrow lens. We are hit with perspectives, fear-based projections, all our lives. And most of us are unconscious of these projections because we are so used to the way everything is. We don’t question anything. We accept all as is. But when you finally open your eyes, awaken from the zombie-like state, you see the realities that coexist now. And the more realities you see, the more you understand, indeed all is a projection of individual and collective soul consciousnesses. But this is simply another perspective. My perspective. And honestly, I love thinking this way because it immediately removes the fear of our physical experience.

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