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about the metaphysical chick

Hello! I’m Miroslava, The Metaphysical Chick and Multiverse Ambassador, here to help you MASTER the MATRIX by EXPANDING your MIND. Now, how did I become a Multiverse Ambassador? What does this even mean?

A multiverse is a collection of many universes. An ambassador is a messenger or person who represents, speaks for, or advertises a particular activity or organization. “An official agent with a special mission.”

I see the multiverse as more than an infinite amount of universes but a field of infinite possibilities. I believe that my role this lifetime is to help people expand their awareness of “reality” by sharing multiversal, quantum, and spiritual perspectives.

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About the metaphysical chick services

About the metaphysical chick services

I don’t have any degrees or certification but I do have experience.

Everything I know has been self-taught. Most has been accessed through memories and cosmic alignment. However, I love reading books, watching documentaries, and do follow a lot of great people on youtube. This has helped open up my mind to retrieve what is already there.

It’s not necessarily the type of education you have that is important, but your commitment to self and willingness to expand. What we need to know, we already know. It’s all just a matter of remembering. We are all teachers and students, showing up in this reality to learn, share, integrate, and evolve.

What You Can Expect From Me

I am a WANDERER. A soul that has traveled across the multiverse and is here to help you expand your awareness of the many realities and dimensional fields that exist. There is so much more than this life. There is so much more than pain, trauma, and limitation. There is an infinite amount of potentials. And I am here to help you access these coexisting timelines.

Everything I share is what I’ve learned from personal experience. So do keep in mind that all is simply my perspective. The tools I bring to you are what helped me remember what I consider to be the truth and have allowed me to access my multidimensionality.

I am not here to impose my beliefs but to simply share what has worked for me.

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