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the metaphysical chick

Hello! I’m Miroslava, The Metaphysical Chick and Multiverse Ambassador, here to help you MASTER the MATRIX by EXPANDING your MIND. Now, how did I become a Multiverse Ambassador? What does this even mean?

A multiverse is a collection of many universes. An ambassador is a messenger or person who represents, speaks for, or advertises a particular activity or organization. “An official agent with a special mission.”

I see the multiverse as more than an infinite amount of universes but a field of infinite possibilities. I believe that my role this lifetime is to help people expand their awareness of “reality” by sharing multiversal, quantum, and spiritual perspectives.

The Matriz

Is the reality in which we co-exist real? Or is it all an illusion, a conditioned perception of the mind? And if all is indeed a conditioned perception of the mind, can we shift this perception to create a new reality? Claim your FREE Recoding the Matrix eBook and find out today!

Witchy Things

Handmade anointing oils,  potions, and magick spell jars for abundance, protection and more! All witchy things are are created channeling energy of higher dimensional beings such as Gods and Goddesses, Angels, Elementals, Ancestors, Extraterrestrials and more!

Shop Crystals

Channeled copper wire-wrapped crystal pendants, crystal sets/bundles, and individual crystal pieces. I tune into different galactic consciousnesses, angels, and elementals, infusing crystals with these high vibrational frequencies to help you better access more of this energy.